Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Drop-off: 7:50-8:30

Half day pick-up: 12:15-12:30
General pick-up: 2:45-3:00
After-school care: pick-up any time after 3:00

Half-Day Program
Morning Work Period with Lunch and Enrichment- 8:00 am. to 12:30 pm. 

Children arrive and generally begin their day in the outside classroom and at our “running space” followed by a nature walk.  Children enter the school and their work cycle, choosing activities on their own based on their interests, abilities, and lessons previously given by the Montessori Directress. This program is attended by all enrolled children, and the emphasis is on individual activities and learning. Depending on the weather children may move to various classroom spaces inside and outside using a tag system monitored by staff.

Lunch and Enrichment from 11:15 to 12:15 offer children opportunities to increase their social awareness in a casual, group-focused atmosphere. Monday through Thursday, lunches are brought from home and enjoyed as a group. Enrichment programming is offered in Art, Music, Spanish, and Yoga on these days. Friday is our Community Lunch day; children each bring an item to be used in preparing and eating lunch together.

Full Day Preschool Program – 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

After the Montessori Work Period with Lunch and Enrichment, this program offers a quiet rest period for all children. During this time children 4 years old and younger who usually still fall asleep rest downstairs. Children are provided a rest cot and a bin for a small rest blanket and small comfort item. Children who do not fall asleep will join the older children upstairs for additional work time before dismissal.

4K and Kindergarten Program – 8:00-3:00

Our 4K and Kindergarten Full-Day Programs are open to all children. After the Montessori work period the children are also provided a sleeping cot and rest bin to keep a small blanket and comfort item. The first part of this program is spent resting their bodies and listening to a book. This is a special time for our older children to practice listening skills by being read aloud chapter books and is followed by a time of rest and peaceful music. The second part of the afternoon focuses on small group work and lessons in all areas of the classroom.

After School Program: 3:00-5:00 pm

Our After School Program takes place in the Lower Level Classroom, the Park or Outdoor Classroom and includes socialization, craft projects, games, coloring sheets, songs and activities led by staff.  All children must be signed out before 5:00 pm.

Changes in Schedule

We understand that doctor’s appointments, travel plans, sickness, and other events can interrupt the typical schedule. Please let us know as soon as possible when your child will arrive late or leave early so we can make sure they are prepared for any changes. You can call or text our school phone at (608)217-9533.  Please note that late pick-ups will be charged for each 10 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time.